Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is your journal an international journal?

YES, IT IS AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL. IDEA STUDIES Journal is an international journal and is scanned by national and international indexes.

2. At What Intervals Is Your Journal Published?

4 issues per year. MARCH, JUNE, SEPTEMBER and DECEMBER

3. Is your journal a peer-reviewed journal?

YES, IT IS A REVIEWED JOURNAL. The studies uploaded to the IDEA STUDIES Journal journal system are first reviewed by the field editors and the appropriate studies are directed to the referee. In the referee process, double-blind refereeing system is used and author information cannot be seen by the referees in any way.

4. Is DOI Number Given For Articles Published In Your Journal?

YES, DOI NUMBER IS ASSIGNED to the articles at the publication stage for each article.

5. Can the same author(s) have more than one work published in the same issue?

This is possible with the special approval of the editorial board and the editorial board, but since it is not considered very ethical in terms of ethics, it is generally not preferred except for special situations and situations that require initiative.

6. In which languages does your journal accept publications?

Articles prepared in all world languages, primarily English and Turkish, are accepted in the IDEA STUDIES  Journal.

7. How Long Does the Referee Evaluation Process Take?

Before the appointment of referees, our instructors who can be referees in their field of study are called by GSM. Depending on the availability of time, they are requested to evaluate the studies that will be assigned to them between 7 and 21 days. If the referee evaluation is not done at the end of the 7th and 15th days, an automatic reminder e-mail is sent to the referee by the journal system. If there is any delay at the end of these periods, an effort is made to complete the process quickly by referral to another referee. If there is no return from the referees during this process, the study is evaluated by the field referee and the editorial board and the result is reached.

8. Is the Authors Informed About the Referee Process?

Since the referee process is done through the journal web system, the authors have the opportunity to follow the publication status by logging in from the journal system menu. In addition, an automatic information e-mail is sent to the registered e-mail address by the system.

9. Are the authors informed about which referees evaluated their article?

Information about the referee evaluation of any study is not given even if requested by the author.

10. Is it possible to print the articles published in your journal?

IDEA STUDIES  Journal Journal is an online journal. For this reason, you can access the articles from the archive section and the last issue section in the journal page menu. It is possible to save the COVER, CONTENTS, GENERAL and ARTICLE pages separately to your computer in the relevant issue and volume.